Carrot Thoran

One of the simplest South Indian side dishes to make is a thoran, which is a vegetable-based side dish made with a few spices and fresh grated coconut.

Sambar (a south indian vegetable stew)

Sambar is made many different ways. In fact, different districts within South India all seem to have their own variation. From the types of vegetable used to the spice blends, the combinations are vast. 

Dosa (South Indian Crepe)

After going back and forth between different rice varieties, lentil variations, and fermentation methods I’ve finally come to a dosa recipe that creates a crispy and tangy flavor. 

Asiago & Gruyere Citrus Cauliflower Pizza

If this isn’t the best way EVER to trick yourself kids into eating vegetables, I don’t know what is. I am in love with this cauliflower crust recipe. And, just like with a regular pizza, the topping combinations are endless. Enjoy and definitely tag me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram because I’d love to see […]

Moru Curry (the yellow one)

Moru (moh-ruh) curry, rice, and red fish curry is one of my favorite South Indian food combinations. To me, it’s the Indian equivalent to gravy for your mashed potatoes…it’s just one of those “musts.” Anyway, for such a simple dish, it packs a lot of flavor with its punches of cumin and fenugreek.