Uppumav/Upma (Spiced Semolina)

You know, as a kid I wasn’t really crazy about uppumav. The sweet, salty, spicy crumbly and steamy plate my mom would serve with a banana had my tastebuds going wild. But the older I get, the more I find myself loving these old childhood dislikes.

Kerala Appam/Palappam

My all-time favorite South Indian food combo is these cripsy-edged appams paired with a ladle full of tangy, sweet chicken curry poured on top of the pillowy center. Growing up, this was my breakfast. My brunch. Our special occasion table special for holidays like Christmas and Easter. Nothing beats eating this, except being able to make it from scratch!

Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon Sweet Potato Frittata

No, this isn’t a recipe tongue twister, it’s the delicious result of being HANGRY and making use of what’s currently in my fridge before it goes bad. Frittatas are not only incredibly easy to make, but there are endless ways to flavor them.