Pecan Almond Granola Clusters

I’ve been getting some requests for how to make quick and easy meals and, while this Cinnabon Granola Cluster recipe involves a little more effort, it ends up making future meals quick and easy. 

Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon Sweet Potato Frittata

No, this isn’t a recipe tongue twister, it’s the delicious result of being HANGRY and making use of what’s currently in my fridge before it goes bad. Frittatas are not only incredibly easy to make, but there are endless ways to flavor them.

Kerala-Style Mutta (Egg) Curry

The way the spicy coconut milk soaks in to the eggs in this curry dish is so, SO good. I usually eat this with appam, but it’s good with rice. Or, spoon this over a bowl of quinoa for a salad with a kick.

Nadan Mutta (Egg) Roast

Eggs are all over Instagram these days, especially runny eggs. And, nothing against a good runny egg, but if you want to change things up for breakfast/brunch, try this popular South Indian dish, Nadan Mutta (Egg) Roast – it’s one of my favs!