8 Coconut Water Brands I Love (and 5 I don’t)

It all started when I was around 7 or 8-years old. My mom asked me to help her grate coconuts. I was reluctant after inspecting the tiny, wooden seat affixed with a serrated blade at the edge (seemingly made for a demented toddler), but I obliged.10599239_374605262686901_4001162098273033993_n Mom showed me how to hold the coconut to safely grate its contents…which I didn’t really pay attention to until I grated part of my hand on accident (oops!). And then, there it was. The first piece of grated, water-infused, tender coconut. As I chewed it, I felt as if all was right in the world and thus began my love for all things coconut.

Come grocery shopping with me and you will quickly find out I am a coconut addict. I have coconut chapstick, coconut shampoo, and even coconut candles, but, out of them all, my favorite is coconut water. If you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably seen a variety of coconut products in my pictures. Sometimes, I even get people messaging me about my favorite brands, so I decided to put this list together of my favorites (and not so favorites).

8 Coconut Water Brands I Love 

#1 Harmless Harvest

Harmless Harvest is not only delicious, I LOVE their flavor combinations like Coconut Water with Cacao and Coconut Water with Coffee. 


#2 Waterhill Naturals

I find their taste to be very similar to Harmless Harvest and sometimes it is less expensive (because sometimes paying $3-$5 for a drink hurts).12657436_566917116789047_3219318572822779758_o

#3 Unoco


#4 Pure Brazilian

So this one time I got this bottle of Pure Brazilian Coconut Water and the cap would NOT come off. I even took it around the office and had different people try to open it for me, Sword in the Stone style. When we finally got it open, it was worth it. 


#5 Juice from the Raw

I discovered this brand in an attempt to endure a 3-day juice cleanse. By the way, I don’t recommend juice cleanses. I’m not against cold-press juices, but to drink ONLY that for multiple days will leave your body loaded with sugars and feeling like crap. But, one good that came out of this particular cleanse was the flavor of their coconut juice (and their other juices for that matter). 


#6 FOCO 

Normally I would not suggest a coconut water that’s not in the refrigerated isle, but FOCO and I are besties. This is one of the first coconut drinks I had. I love it because it has real pieces of young coconut inside. But, the downside is that it contains added sugars (so unnecessary!) 


#7 Trader Joe’s Brand 

I was surprised to discover this little hidden gem – super tasty!


#8 Good ol’ mother nature

Of course, you can’t beat au natural. There’s nothing like stickin’ a straw right into a coconut. 



5 Coconut Water Brands I Don’t Love 

I’ll keep it simple. I don’t like any of these coconut waters because they are usually flavored or made from concentrate so the taste is not as natural (or good) and is chock full of sugars/additives. In most cases, I will only buy these brands to use as a mixer for an adult beverage. My rule of thumb: if it’s not in the grocer’s refrigerated section, it’s probably not going to taste like real coconut water. FOCO is my only exception. 

#1 Vita Coco


#2 Coco Libre


#3 Zico a585275c-2e62-4473-8669-228f153484a4_1-bedac5e2a61171e79b3e8960e75a518b

#4 O.N.E.


#5 Naked 


Did I miss any of your favorites? Are there any brands you think I should avoid?

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